The Wolf of Wall Street

Favorite Movies of 2013

I know, I’m late for this! Unfortunately, my schedule and location did not allow me to see all the movies I wanted to in 2013, so it took me a while to catch up. There are still several movies I need to see but at this point, I’ve seen¬†enough movies that my Top 10 list is really turning into Top 10 Runner-Ups, Top 10 Other Runner-Ups That I Forgot About, Another 10 Because Why Not, and so on.

I say it every year and I’ll say it again, top 10 lists are silly. Why are we ranking films?

Because it’s silly and fun and really, that’s why.

So let’s get to it: (more…)

THE WOLF OF WALL STREET and The Trouble With Satire

Satire is difficult. There’s no real way to get past that. Making any art for that matter, is extremely difficult, immeasurably difficult. Oh sure, anyone can take a bucket of paint and a brush and start painting, but to create art? To actually engage in the act of creating something that wasn’t there before? That’s a whole different matter. The creation stories seem to have a grasp on just how impossible it is, exclusively giving the skill to the gods but not to man, and perhaps that is why many of us don’t think about the idea of people creating something as a tangible idea. It becomes something mystical, something sort of whispered about as though it mustn’t be brought to light. Gods create, man remixes. Everybody knows that. So maybe that’s the definition of art, if we must have one. Art is creation, taking an idea that only existed as a concept and birthing it into reality. Even coming up with that idea is itself an act of creating. And yes, by this definition, having a child is also an act of creation and therefore we must assume that all people are works of art.¬† (more…)