F*cking Controversial Humor

Fuck. Shit. Bollocks. Wanker. Masturbation. Gay rights. Sexual equality.

Okay, I try not to swear on this blog very much, although I do sometimes, because I want the content to be as openly accessible to everyone as it can be. However, this particular post is going to be dealing with the very nature of “inappropriate content” so if you’re offended by buzz words or provocative ideas, please excuse me and I hope this doesn’t turn you off completely.

I love controversial humor. I laugh uproariously when a comedian lands a good joke about masturbation or sexuality that my parents would gasp at. I like HBO and R-rated movies. I love reading about controversial topics, participating in and listening to debates, and just generally trying to push the envelope of what is considered appropriate and what isn’t.

I believe it is the artist’s job to hold up a mirror to society and that involves pushing the line of acceptability. If artists followed all the rules, we wouldn’t be able to progress as a society. Look at the progression we’ve made in the last 10 years alone. Gay marriage is finally becoming acceptable. Women are getting equal opportunities they never had before. The handicapped are getting the respect they deserve. Mental illness is losing its stigma and becoming acceptable.