Favorite Movies of 2013

I know, I’m late for this! Unfortunately, my schedule and location did not allow me to see all the movies I wanted to in 2013, so it took me a while to catch up. There are still several movies I need to see but at this point, I’ve seen enough movies that my Top 10 list is really turning into Top 10 Runner-Ups, Top 10 Other Runner-Ups That I Forgot About, Another 10 Because Why Not, and so on.

I say it every year and I’ll say it again, top 10 lists are silly. Why are we ranking films?

Because it’s silly and fun and really, that’s why.

So let’s get to it: (more…)

HER and How All Relationships Are Real

I am a huge fan of Spike Jonze. I don’t feel that this is much of a confession – hang out with me for more than an hour and I’ll probably name-drop him at least twice.  The reason I say this is because I knew I was going to love Her from the first time I even heard of it. I may be a little bit biased in that regard.

So because of all that, or maybe despite of it, I love Her. Do you believe in love at first sight? If you’re me, that doesn’t even matter because I loved this movie even more every minute that went by from the opening close-up of Joaquin Phoenix’s face to the closing shot overlooking the city. (more…)