Live Tweeting the Oscars

Hello everyone! For the fourth year in a row, my friends and I will be live tweeting the Academy Awards. We’ve done this every year as a tradition and we’ve decided to do it again.

So come Sunday, go follow Christopher Rempel (@rempelmasters) Tim Rutley (@TimR20) and Holly Ewert (@EwertHolly) and use the hashtag #R3Oscars that we’ve chosen. It’ll be a lot of fun. Oh, and follow me… if you have to, I guess. (@samuelrafuse)

This year I’m not doing an official prediction beforehand. Last year I did pretty well but I just don’t feel the need to do it again this year. However, if you do want to try and beat me — I could be convinced to post my predictions as we go before they are announced — feel free to join in on the fun. Winner gets a shoutout from me.

Otherwise, join us for an evening of movie fun.

See you there.



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