New Year’s Movie Resolutions

I don’t remember what my New Year’s Resolutions for 2014 were but I probably failed at them. I usually vow to read 50 books because that’s what all the cool kids talk about doing and I want to be cooler but the most I’ve ever read so far is somewhere around 25, which is only half-cool. I don’t want to try the 365 movies in a year goal because I’m pretty happy with my ~200 movies/year average. I have no intention of losing weight or gaining weight, or anything weight related, really. I think eating healthy is a lifestyle, not a goal, so that’s a moot point. I’ll travel when I travel, and so on, and so on.

So this year, I’m not doing that.

I do however, have a few plans. I like to call them tricks, as in turning, because that phrase needs redefining and also I like magic. Life is a journey and other cute sayings, you’re on board at this point, yeah? Good.


I like being on the internet and interacting with people, and I’m striking out a bit on my own this year, or at least it feels like that, so I’d like to cordially invite you to participate along with me in some of my adventures. They will be very movie-related, but possibly also a distant cousin of self-improvement or some hippy happy happenings that will make 2015 a year. Face it, we’ve probably all broken one of our “resolutions” already, right? I know I have.

Thus, here’s what I want to do with 2015:

  1. Watch all the way through Roger Ebert’s Great Movies List. Now, I did the math, and there are something like 350+change movies on his list (okay, I didn’t do a lot of math). Of those movies, I’ve already seen about 150, which leaves me 200 Great Movies to watch. That’s completely manageable in a year, as I’ve already mentioned, that’s my average. So I figure, why not? Say what you will about Roger, but his Great Movies are a great collection. So I’m going to go for it, and try watch all the remaining movies that I have yet to see. In one year.
  2. Write about the movies I watch. Obviously I write about movies here already, but I only actually write about 1 in 4 movies that I watch. I’ve written 70 posts this year, and I saw 175 movies. Okay fine, I’ve given up on math. This year I’m going to try write about at least every other movie I watch, so you’ll get to read a LOT more material from me. Happy Face!!!! 🙂
  3. Read. I’d rather read books that I actually want to read rather than reading books because I feel like I need to read X number of books in Y amount of time. I’ve tried that, and it sucks. Don’t do it. Don’t fall for that. Just read. Read books, read magazines, read the papers (seriously, reading the news helps you out so much in life, just be careful not to get cynical), read online blogs, read comedy, read satire, read plays, read screenplays, read essays, read poetry. Just read.
  4. Write. Done. Awesome.

And the rest are things like “go out more” and “make connections” and all those things which are completely useless as New Year’s Resolutions and are basic essentials in everyday life anyways so why bother setting yourself up for failure? It’s a lot easier to succeed when you actually let yourself.

But most importantly, my biggest goal of 2015 is to appreciate it. 2014 was a capital-D Difficult year for me, but I made a lot of changes, I learned a lot, I discovered new things about myself, and I’m older now.

Mostly I’m older.

So I’m going to appreciate 2015. I hope you’ll join me. Maybe we’ll write a book about it at the end.

Or we can save a tree and drink Scotch instead.

I’ll be around.


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