Liebster Award!

For anyone who doesn’t know (my past self included), the Liebster Award is a blogging award given out by bloggers to bloggers who have less than X amount of followers, depending on which rules you’ve heard of. Either way, it’s a lot of fun, so I decided to go along with it just for kicks, no?

It’s basically just a way for bloggers to show their appreciation for one another, which is cool, and probably useful.

I will nominate some of my favourite blogs at the end of this post. I heartily recommend them, maybe for their amazing content, maybe for their unique opinions, maybe because they are just grand people. You should follow all of them. Or not. I don’t tell you what to do.


So….. yeah.

Thanks to Elsie Ohem of The Black Lion for nominating me! I really appreciate it. She has a kick-ass blog that you should definitely check out.


Now on to the questions Elsie has asked me. This is the fun stuff:


1. Why do you blog?

I first started blogging to write about movies back in 2011. After a few months I expanded to include poetry, short fiction, and ramblings on life. I was a typical blogger for a while, and then I stopped when it got to be something I was no longer interested in. In January of 2014 I decided to start blogging again with the goal of gaining understanding by teaching. I think if you know something you should pass that knowledge on, and that’s why I blog. That, and it serves as a platform for me to gain a better understanding of my material. I think I’ve grown as a writer more by writing about writing enough to make it worth it several times over.

2. What is your favourite hobby?

Probably playing guitar, but I also like cooking. I don’t read “all the time” but I read often enough that it doesn’t occur to me to think of it as a hobby. Perhaps I ought to, and then that would probably be my favourite.

3. What is the longest book series you’ve ever read?

I think Harry Potter. I never read them until I was 20 and I they’re the kind of books I wish I had read when I was a kid, they’ve impacted me a lot.

4. Who is your favourite author/film director?

My favourite author has to be Kurt Vonnegut. I usually have a runner-up list that includes Dave Eggers, Chuck Palahniuk, and Neil Gaiman as well because I can never really decide on one specific favourite, but I have a Vonnegut tattoo now so that’s “official.”  My favourite film director is Paul Thomas Anderson.

5. Do you prefer books made into movies or movies made into books?

Books made into movies, actually. I love the adaptation process, and try to approach each as its own work rather than comparing them.

6. What is something that no one would ever guess is true about you?

I’m actually very talkative once I get going and sometimes I can’t shut up, but you’d never guess by the way I’m usually too busy watching people from the corner of coffeeshops.

7. Who inspires you?

Neil Gaiman, everything he says makes me feel like life always has value.

8. If you could spend the day with any person of your choice, who would it be and why?

I want to hang out with Emma Watson for a day. I mean I want to be best friends with her, but one day is better than none days. I think that would be just purely enjoyable, and I wouldn’t be intimidated by her unlike say, John Lennon, who I’d probably just make bad puns at.

9. What is your favourite quote?

“Go and make interesting mistakes, make amazing mistakes, make glorious and fantastic mistakes. Break rules. Leave the world more interesting for your being here.” – Neil Gaiman

10. What book or film has influenced your life the most?

That’s a tough one because I’ve been influenced in so many different venues, but I’ll give it a shot.

For writing influence, I have to go with “A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius” by Dave Eggers and “House of Leaves” by Mark Z. Danielewski because together they blew open the cover on what I thought writing could be and inspired me to write myself. The same goes for the work of Charlie Kaufman.

For filmmaking influence, I think Stanley Kubrick’s entire filmography inspires me more than any one single film in particular, although I could make cases for a lot of movies, because he was so fascinated with film (and other topics as well) and his mentality behind trying out new things to see what he could do really pushes me not to settle for what I think I already know.

Lena Dunham’s various writings have had a lot of influence on the way I approach living, so has Krzysztof Kieślowski, who I think is possibly the wisest filmmaker ever.

11. What is the one thing you want to accomplish before you die?

I want to direct a film and take it to Cannes.

Or you know, reincarnate as Nikola Tesla.



Thanks again to Elsie!

I nominate the following people:

What You Doing Here?
The Essence of Hope
Slightly Chic
Stitch Boom Bang
Cup of Tea and a Movie

(If you’re one of my nominees and you’ve already received a Liebster, TOUGH! Do it again 🙂  If not, congratulations! It probably means I like your stuff, and I think your blog is cute/badass or something like that. Just have fun with it!)


And here are my questions for you:

1. What do you love about writing?
2. If you could be best friends with a fictional character, who would that be?
3. If you could change one book/movie/story so that the bad guys win instead of the good guys (or vice versa), how would that go down?
4. Who inspires you?
5. What is your favourite midnight snack?
6. What is the most epic way to die?
7. The Doctor shows up with a TARDIS, where and when do you go?
8. Describe your childhood bedroom.
9. If you were a genie, would you have a rule against people wishing for more wishes or not and why?
10. What is your favourite quote?
11. Do you encounter writers block? If so, how do you work around that?


Go forth and be awesome!




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